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Inspector-General Emergency Management

The role of Inspector-General Emergency Management (IGEM) was first established in 2013 following a review of police and community safety. The IGEM role was formalised as a statutory position in 2014.

The Inspector-General Emergency Management is responsible for providing the Premier, Government and people of Queensland an assurance of public safety, through the establishment and implementation of an assurance framework to direct, guide and focus work of all agencies, across all tiers of Government to the desired outcomes of the disaster and emergency management arrangements for Queensland.

The functions of the Inspector-General Emergency Management and the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management are prescribed in the Disaster Management Act 2003.

The Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management

The Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management supports the IGEM through planning, developing and conducting a range of review and assessment projects consulting stakeholders, to enable confidence in Queensland’s disaster and emergency management arrangements.

Vision of the IGEM

To be a catalyst for excellence in emergency management.​​ 


In reference to the Emergency Management Assurance Framework, the Inspector-General stated:
... the framework, which was developed in close consultation with stakeholders from across the disaster management sector, is designed to clearly identify areas of responsibility and ensure agencies, groups and individuals are able to deal with disasters effectively and ensure the requirements were relevant for both large and small communities
Iain MacKenzie, Inspector-General Emergency Management​